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12-24-14 :: Best wishes of the season
Regardless of if you celebrate this season, what you celebrate this season, or how you celebrate this season, I wish you peace and joy, and a wonderful 2015.

12-24-14 :: Countdown to Christmas with the 12 Brides: Day 12 with Desiree Holt
I can't believe we're at Day 12 already! Our final guest in the 12 Brides of Christmas series is Desiree Holt, author of Bang the Drummer, a spicy version of 12 drummers drumming.

12-23-14 :: Countdown to Christmas with the 12 Brides: Day 11 with Dylan Newton
Santa’s not the only mythical being working overtime to save Christmas! Just ask Dylan Newton, who's here to talk about Piper's Piping, a holiday tale with a werewolf twist. Giveaway alert!

What's Your Heart's Desire?

When Anna Graham marries Callum Hart she'll get both the man she loves and her uncles' agreement to take over the family ranch. Will the return of Jackson, her long-lost first love—and Cal's brother—throw it all in jeopardy?

The Forsaken Heart
Heart’s Desire Book 3
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2013 Readers’ Crown Finalist
The Hungry Heart
Heart’s Desire Book 1

2014 Readers’ Crown Finalist
The Doubing Heart
Heart’s Desire Book 2